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Prophets was produced in professional theaters, auditoriums and churches from 2009-2012.

Public Guest Book

I am very glad to have witnessed Brad Sherrill's compelling and powerful performance of the prophets. As a student of the prophetic texts, I judge that his presentation of them is on target and is a faithful, evocative rendering of the prophets. Brad has used shrewdness in selecting his texts, wisdom in weaving them into a compelling unity, and imagination in letting the texts be felt and heard in contemporary ways. On all counts, "Prophets" is an important performance that will make a difference to many people who care about the Biblical tradition and who care about the moral, social crisis in which we find ourselves. "Prophets" is marked by courage, imagination, and a passion for truth-telling."
Dr. Walter Brueggemann
(World-renowned Old Testament scholar and author of "The Prophetic Imagination")

Your use of imagery and sound in "Prophets" is closer than I've ever experienced to exactly how projected video/images/sound can BEST and MOST FAITHFULLY enhance a worship experience. I found myself wishing that I'd seen this production as a part of my Arts & Worship courses in seminary, that THIS is what my favorite professor was talking about whenever we'd get into debates over "using screens in worship." Seriously, just amazing! I'm sure you've been told this before, but I'll add to the chorus: rarely have I ever been witness to anyone getting the WORD in their body the way you do. It's a privilege to behold. That's the main gift you bring us.
Reverend Katie Givens Kime, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Atlanta (Trinity Presbyterian preview, January 2010)

Well, our whole church is a buzz with the inspiring and deeply moving presentation of "Prophets"! It was a pure joy to have you back with us and for God's word once again to be presented in such a dynamic and heart-impacting way. Thank you both for your fascinating and enriching gospel ministry. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Reverend Dr. Andrew Ross, Senior Pastor, Northminster Presbyterian Church, Tucson AZ (February, 2011)
Wow! Amazing! Awesome! Inspiring! Those words don't even do justice to the presentation of "Prophets" that you gave at Emmanuel College on Monday evening. I didn't know if it was possible for you to top "Gospel of John", but I believe you did. Those in attendance were privileged to hear God's word shared in such a manner. I really enjoyed the additional feature of the multimedia for this performance. Mark did a fabulous job integrating this to the text. I know that I left contemplating many of the images and scripture. (Your) memorization of such a large body of "abstract" scriptures...is amazing to me. You truly have a gift.
Emma Pettyjohn, Assocate Professor of Music and Cultural Awareness Program Co-Chair, Emmanuel College GA (February, 2011)

Thank you Brad for coming and sharing your amazing performance of "Prophets" with us. We well remember "Gospel of John" and now have another great memory to be shared and talked about for a long time to come.
Phyllis Sullivan, Alaskan Christian Conference (Alaska Tour, January 2011)

I saw Prophets both nights, start to finish, and I was “taught” by it. We were richly blessed by your presence and performance.
“Prophets”, is an inspired addition to your ministry, and all of the response of our people here has been positive to the point of wanting us to offer it again.
We forget sometimes that all of the prophets had a common purpose, and to group their words and thoughts together (as does the “Prophets” performance) is a good tool for bringing God’s central Word home to us……..which is, thank God, ultimately a word of hope. Again, thanks, and if we can ever do anything to promote your ministry here in Florida, just let us know.
Reverend Larry Cook, Palma Ceia United Methodist, Tampa FL
(September 2010 performances)


In the production of Prophets “the Word becomes flesh and dwells among us”. Brad Sherrill’s performance vividly portrays God’s heart, passion and unrelenting pursuit of us. The old, dusty, often avoided confrontational words of Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Micah come to life with poignant relevance. Prophets makes you consider their indictment on our modern day idols, the disparity of wealth in our world, the neglect of the most vulnerable members of society, the despoiling of creation and our blatant unfaithfulness to God. However, the judgment of the prophets does not lead to despair but to change and ultimately, to hope. The frightening image of what life is like when we turn away from God--loss and desolation--is meant to shatter our apathy and replace our hearts of stone with hearts of flesh. Prophets stimulates our imaginations to envision a better world, the one of God’s dreams. Prophets is designed to motivate deep thinking about how to align ourselves and our values with God’s vision of the peaceable kingdom where “they shall beat their swords into plowshares…” (Isa. 2:4). I highly recommend it for older teens and adults. It is provocative and warrants follow up discussion and study. At my church we promoted small groups on "Old Testament Prophets for Today" as we continued to prayerfully wrestle and apply the Prophetic issues to our lives. It has been a very rewarding and faith deepening experience!

Reverend Amy Morrison Heimrich, First Presbyterian, Libertyville IL (October, 2010)

I’ve heard a lot of comments about how wonderful (the Prophets performance) on Sunday evening was… I know that the images and words of the prophets will continue to take root and grow in all of us!

Sue von Fange, Minister for Outreach and Assimilation, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran, Clinton Township MI (October, 2010)
Sometimes words come alive with such force that there is a profound sense that the message has been created solely for the viewer. Such was the case with me as I watched Brad Sherill perform Prophets with a supporting multimedia presentation by Mark Hickman. I have read these books of the Bible since childhood but never had any emotional connection with them until now. The spoken word is powerfully rendered by Brad and the visual connection between God's Word to those ancient people and the life we know today comes alive with Mark's multimedia sensory onslaught. Together they form an event not to be missed by those seeking to better understand God's Word for us in this place and time.
Mr. Kim Lyons, Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian (Bloomfield Hills MI, October 2010)

This is a really powerful piece of theater, also theology. The energy, pacing, and transitions are brilliant. I also love the multimedia, and I usually don't. I am grateful that as Christians we can see the Isaiah prophecies foretelling Jesus. They change the tenor and finish the story with a wonderful prophecy of fulfillment. Thanks...I wish you the best as you continue this work.

Ms. Margaret Lombardi, Columbia SC

(Seven Oaks Presbyterian performance, April 2010)

Still amazed by Brad Sherrill's Prophets....a stunning piece of art/ministry..."
Mr. Haddon Kime, (composer/designer) Atlanta GA
(a 'twitter' sent to Georgia Shakespeare following the Prophets theatrical premiere, March 2010)


After seeing the performance Sunday evening, I am in awe. The performance itself is unbelievable, add the sound and pictures and I do not have words to express how powerful it was.
Barbara Duren, Pastoral Assistant, Sandy Springs Christian,
(Georgia Shakespeare premiere, March 2010)


My husband and I had the privilege of attending your play, Prophets, this weekend. You and your technical person did a wonderful job with combining the Old Testament with today’s culture. During the entire performance I was waiting for you to proclaim the truth of the Gospel and you did in a joyful, subtle way. May people of all faiths enjoy your performance and may God get all the glory!
Felicia Harr, Atlanta
(Georgia Shakespeare premiere, March 2010)

My wife and I were captivated by the Prophets performance last night. Will you be releasing a video of the images and soundtrack?
Again, wonderfully inspiring! Without a doubt, you are about the "...Father's good business".
Tim Solomon, Atlanta
(Georgia Shakespeare premiere, March 2010)

I was truly blessed yesterday (Palm Sunday) to witness an extraordinary feat: your performance of "The Gospel of John" at 2:30pm followed by "Prophets" at 7:30pm. Only a spirit-filled actor could deliver four hours of memorized scripture in such a short time frame with such passion and fervor. While Brad's energy and zeal onstage were unflagging, Mark's faithful technical support in the wings combined to deliver a powerful, timeless message to those of us in the audience. The two of you are truly a modern-day "voice in the wilderness!" May the Holy Spirit continue to sustain you both as you use your professional talents and abilities to spread the Good News far and wide!
Kristen Lewis, Atlanta
(Georgia Shakespeare premiere, March 2010)

I have had nothing but excellent comments from those that attended Prophets... especially from the younger adults (30's/early 40's). Please let me know when Brad is going to be in this part of Virginia again. I would love to be in the audience!
Jo Day, Program Administrator, Yorkminster Presbyterian (Yorktown VA, September 2010)

Prophets was an amazing live performance by Brad Sherrill enhanced by current images used to bring the Old Testament prophets' verses straight to our contemporary lives! The words of the Old Testament will never be the same! If you liked Gospel of John, you will love Prophets!
Diane Wallace, First Presbyterian, Deerfield IL (October, 2010)

I saw Brad’s performance of Prophets at the Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church in Severna Park, MD on Sunday night, 1/24/10. I LOVED the production! How mind-boggling to memorize 1 ½ hours worth of verses! What a blessed memory! Thank you, thank you, Brad, for devoting your time to bringing God’s Word to His people this very special way. We need more of you in the world.
Judy Specht, Severna Park MD
(Woods Memorial Presbyterian performance, January 2010)


I was so happy to see the premiere performance of “Prophets” at Woods Church last Sunday. It was inspiring, beautifully presented by Mr. Sherrill and Mr. Hickman, and very timely. I was also proud that our Rev. Elizabeth McLean had contributed her wonderful depth of knowledge about Scripture.
Karen Olsen, Severna Park MD
(Woods Memorial Presbyterian performance, January 2010)


My husband and I saw “Prophets” last night. We are still thinking and talking about it and want to see it again. The visuals contributed greatly to the meanings we were trying to have eyes to see and ears to hear. Thank you for your wonderful creativity using stage and “film” as the medium to convey God’s Word originally spoken through his prophets. More importantly thank you for being the medium in His hands.
Stephanie Donlan, Atlanta GA
(Chamblee First UMC premiere, January 2010)