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Public Guest Book

* Very moving, and done as a conversation to the audience. Powerful message delivered in a welcoming, heartfelt, way. The pictures, music, lighting added to the mood. I was at the 100th show and the red velvet cake was so good and a delightful way to honor this actor. He joined us and took pictures with the audience to make this a memorable night.

* The play itself was one of the most realistic and moving interpretations of scripture I have seen. Brad Sherrill's performance was stellar and I would highly recommend this for all ages. I would also strongly recommend this for youth groups of any age as the storytelling was so relatable.

* Another strong production from this reliable company. A moving and meaningful experience.

* Brad Sherrill really brought the gospel to light in a new way. He is amazing and the videography was sensational. I would recommend it to my friends.

* Mr. Sherrill is amazing! His ability to express the message of Christ's own words was uplifting and inspiring. It was a new experience to hear all of Jesus' spoken words presented completely together in one sitting.

* Brad Sherrill was excellent. The media effects really helped you to visualize the scenes where the events of Jesus' life took place. I highly reccommend it.

* Brad Sherrill was wonderful in this role. He memorized a huge amount of material taken only from the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke and presented it in a powerful way. The media that served as a backdrop was beautiful and so appropriate to the subject matter.

* This performance is as if Jesus is standing before you speaking from His known words with passion and enthusiasm and love. I couldn't describe it to my friends and loved ones except to say GO!

* Brad's performance was very compelling. He delivered the words of Jesus in a very human way, which brings those words in "red letters" to life. For me it was a good way to get a fresh take on Jesus.

Brad Sherrill is passionate in his portrayal of Jesus. At times soft and inviting, at others authoritative and commanding, he gives the audience the full spectrum of the many emotions carried through Jesus’ words. To aid in the narrative, a beautifully crafted multimedia presentation is used behind the actor (which) adds depth and color to the visual production.
Atlanta Theater Fans (an Online Theater Community)
By Christi Whitney, Staff Contributing Writer, Atlanta GA

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Red Letter Jesus is a revelation. It is Jesus unplugged. It cuts out the middleman -- the interpreter, the preacher, the teacher -- and presents a raw, untamed, and sometimes unnerving Jesus. Right beside the Greatest Hits list (the passages we hear preached often) are the startling ones that preachers avoid for their starkness and difficulty. This is a powerful program, perfect for the Lenten season or for the kick-off or culmination of a series on Jesus. Brad Sherrill interacts with a screen that intermittently casts video and photo collages from the holy land and other interpretive images, with brilliant music and sound. Our people stood and clapped, but it wasn't because this was easy listening. It was because Jesus appeared with power.
Reverend Dr. Allen Hilton
Wayzata Community Church, Wayzata MN

Red Letter Jesus is a daring, visceral presentation of Jesus’ sayings from Matthew, Mark, and Luke set against a backdrop of stunning videography and sound. Nimble, quick-witted, and energetic, actor Brad Sherrill brings us Jesus the master storyteller whose words refuse the solemnity we often give them.

Sherrill’s Jesus does not stand still for long or sit guru-style as we often imagine. Rather, he engages the crowds in what must have certainly been first-century improvisational theater. One is struck by the lightness of Sherrill’s delivery, which is good because it allows him room to boom later in the show, when Christ upbraids the scribes and Pharisees for their hypocrisy and when the elder brother slams his father for giving his prodigal brother a hero’s welcome.

Because we seldom hear large swatches of Scripture in a single setting, Red Letter Jesus flirts at times with sensory overload, as the stories fly by and we realize that what we just heard really was the parable of the talents—we just never heard it that way. But it never veers astray. And therein lies Sherrill’s genius: He has an uncanny ability to convey ancient words in such a way that, despite the repackaging, they sound authentic but not preachy.

As our kids would say, “Brad Sherrill is the real deal.” He is as worthy of an audience as anyone in theater today. Humble and unassuming, he believes in “getting out of the way” and letting the words speak for themselves. That is an amazing perspective, and that is exactly what happens. One gets the feeling that Red Letter Jesus really isn’t about Sherrill. It’s about the words. He just happens to be the vessel from which God pours them. And pour they do—like a nonstop gusher. If you don’t catch one parable, you might catch the next. It’s like this for 90 minutes: A spray of joy for all who thirst!
Reverend Brian Dill
North Lakeland Presbyterian, Lakeland FL

We were deeply moved by Red Letter Jesus. The performance, the arrangement of the texts, the multimedia was all breathtaking. It spoke to me in some profound ways. I found myself wanting to take some notes of those moments. Bottom line: we all agreed that we heard the Word proclaimed tonight. You guys are true gifts and what you are doing is transformative.
Reverend Dave Benson, Senior Pastor
Birmingham United Methodist, Alpharetta GA

We hosted Red Letter Jesus in Glens Falls … and it was absolutely phenomenal. Brad Sherrill and Mark Hickman put together an incredibly powerful mix of words, music, and images based on Jesus’ words in Matthew, Mark, and Luke. For those of you who didn’t see their previous production of The Gospel of John, I cannot recommend Red Letter Jesus highly enough.
Reverend John Barclay, Senior Pastor
First Presbyterian, Glens Falls NY

For ninety minutes we heard the words of Jesus, His words only, as we have never heard them before. The visual imagery drew us into the area and geography surrounding Jesus' ministry. The music added to the enchantment. Comments heard as people left the sanctuary were "How does he do it?"..."Amazing production!"..."He really drew us in." (Draw us in he did, interacting with the people, letting them be part of the story!)..."He is unbelievable!"..."The best performance yet." And our newest 94-year-old member said to Brad, "In all my life I have never seen or heard anything like this!"

Performing is certainly the ministry Brad has been called to do. Brad's audio visual man, Mark Hickman, also does a remarkable job with the visuals and the music.

Following the performance, Brad and Mark joined us for a reception, chatted warmly with people and answered questions. Exhausted as he was, Brad took time with each person and posed for photos.

Brad is a caring and spiritual man, as well as an accomplished performer. It will be a long time before we have another event as powerful as this one. Thank you to all who supported this outstanding performance. It was truly a special evening for all who attended.
Ms. Barb Duren, Pastoral Assistant
Sandy Springs Christian Church, Atlanta GA

Brad, you did an amazing job. It was such a privilege to have your first performance of Red Letter Jesus here at our church. God is mightily using you. Mark, there is no way the presentation would be as powerful as it is without your hard work and gifts. Again, thank you for allowing us to premiere Red Letter Jesus. What a great ministry!
Reverend Royeese Stowe, Senior Pastor
Chamblee First United Methodist premiere, Atlanta GA

As a preacher, I listened to the words of Jesus with special interest. An inflection here, a nuanced phrase there, opens a whole new window into what Jesus said. Thank you for letting Jesus speak through you fresh and anew. My people loved it! May God use you for great good in the Kingdom.
Reverend Joe Peabody, Senior Pastor
Mt. Zion United Methodist, Marietta GA

I saw your performance of Red Letter Jesus at Clear Lake UMC last week. I was in tears at the end. You brought his teachings to light, in a brand new way for me. I didn't even know there was enough of "Red letters" (direct words of Jesus) to fill 90 minutes! Shows how much I don't know. I'd like to see it again. You are doing a great thing.
Sue DeWitt Prater, MD
Clear Lake United Methodist, Houston TX


I went away from your beautiful performance knowing I had seen something truly special...however, what has happened since then was new to me! A strange feeling has been with me that I cannot explain. I have talked to others who saw your work and they agree with me. It is a feeling of peace and a comfort in this great reminder that we do not travel life's paths alone; the words you spoke stay with us and we appreciate your gift more and more. Thank you for it. One man has thanked me over and over for suggesting he see the performance and plans to come again to be sure he has not missed anything!

Ms. Rita Neal (Alley Stage usher)
Theatre in the Square performances, Marietta GA

I was at Theatre in the Square tonight and saw and heard Red Letter Jesus. I am still in the clouds and hope not to come back down to earth for several more days. I heard the Living Word of God tonight in a way unlike I have ever heard it before. Thank you for allowing God to use you and work through you to bless His Children. I am calling my Pastor to see if he and his wife can come to the theater between now and March 10th. God's Powerful Word is still ringing in my ears and pounding in my heart. I thank Him for you. Your sister in Christ.

Ms. Rita Bagwell McDuffie
Theatre in the Square performances, Marietta GA

Rosemary and I -- not to mention the group we brought to last night's performance -- were truly touched and inspired by Red Letter Jesus. The visuals are stunning, and as usual you hold the audience in the palm of your hand.

Mr. Charles Josey (The Schoolhouse Players, Bartow GA)
Theatre in the Square performances, Marietta GA


Thank you for an overwhelming experience. I have had the privilege of attending both the “Gospel of John” and “Red Letter Jesus”, and would welcome the opportunity to repeat either or both presentations.

Ms. Kay Lauman
First United Methodist, Dalton GA

Unbelievable! What an evening! Thank you Brad for your sensitive, beautiful performance of Red Letter Jesus! I feel so blessed to have witnessed this exceptional dramatization. Mark...your incredible photography, music and graphics were beautifully woven in and around the words and action! May God continue to bless you both, your ongoing work, and your families as you use your God-given gifts of talent to witness. I love you
Ms. Dee Nixon,
Chamblee First United Methodist premiere, Atlanta, GA

There are no words! If you want to see Jesus – you’ve got to see this. Thanks Brad!
Mr. David Lloyd,
Chamblee First United Methodist premiere, Atlanta, GA

First Presbyterian continues to reflect daily on our powerful Red Letter Jesus experience Sunday night. Pastors Jeff & Austin and I are so thankful for God orchestrating our meeting. God’s timing is perfect. Austin commented about the performance: “It was like we were the disciples sitting at Jesus’ feet.” We are your prayer partners in ministry! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!
Laura Stover, Director of Christian Education,
First Presbyterian, Fort Dodge IA


Thank you for making the words come to life and teaching us in a very special way. I truly enjoyed the experience and the anticipation of the words I particularly love. You are amazing and the beautiful music/sounds and video really enhanced the meaning of the words.
Ms. Kathy Ray, Board Development Committee,
Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta GA


“What a gift you gave us last night! We were all truly blessed. God has truly anointed you both for this special ministry.”

Ms. Peggy Bryant,
Chamblee First United Methodist premiere, Atlanta, GA


It is one thing to read the Word to one’s self, but quite another to hear it spoken. I got chills various times during Brad’s program. My favorite part was the last words of Christ on the cross and the drama that precedes that part. The video showed places I could only dream of going to visit. The Bible did really “come alive” through the program!

Ms. Laurie Johnson,
First Presbyterian, Fort Dodge IA

I saw performance tonight at Mt. Zion UMC. What a moving and remarkable occasion it was! If you have the opportunity to see this, don't miss it.”
Mr. Richard Sorroels,
Mt. Zion United Methodist, Marietta GA

We were so blessed to experience such a moving tribute to our Lord and Savior. May God continue to refill you with the Holy Spirit as you bless others for his Kingdom. Surely there were people who left our church as new creations in Christ. Thank you again on behalf of the entire Mt. Zion congregation!”
Mr. Dan Farr, Chairperson of Evangelism
Mt. Zion United Methodist, Marietta GA